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Dispatches From New York Fashion Week: Must Read Items

I’m not there, but plenty of others are! And they are all putting out some interesting stuff! Here is roundup of some interesting material and good ways to keep track of all that is New York fashion week.

VP of Makeup Artistry for MAC Cosmetics,Gordon E, twittered this from preparation for one of the shows. That is one heck of a lot of liner!

Want to follow MAC artists as they tweet from fashion weeks around the country? Look in the right sidebar for the live widget of their updates. It is quite fun to follow!

In the meantime, the web has been alive with fashion week reports. Here are a few must read sites:

* Follow the impressions of a plus size woman at New York fashion week in documentary form in On the Plus Side: A Fuller Figured Fashion Week Experience at the Style It Website. This is a must see item! Thanks to the Girl-Woman-Beauty-Brains-Blog for brining it to my attention!

* Glam Blush has so much fashion week coverage that you can be kept in info for quite some time.

* A great site that is aggregating a multitude of blogs and websites covering fashion week is Inside the Tents. From blog posts, to photos, to video, to twitter updates, there is so much content available here that it will make your head swim!

* The Beauty of Life is running some nice posts about the makeup and nails from some of the runway shows. Check out reports from shows such as Rosa Cha (I love the nails!) and Abaete (this one has a great look from Stila Cosmetics).

* Visit Spoiled Pretty’s look at makeup from theBalm backstage at the Julie Haus show. I seriously need to try some of their stuff!

I’ll post up some more must reads early in the week!

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