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New Look at Beauty and Fashion Tech!

Beauty and Fashion Tech has undergone a facelift! It was time for a new look, and the new format will allow the site to run certain advertisements better, but also make them a bit less intrusive than they were before.

There are also a few new features:

  • In the right sidebar, look for the box with tabs for subscriptions, archives, tags, popular posts. You can now search there by tag, which includes brand names.  Categories are also still available in a pull down menu just below.
  • Also new are popular posts, to see what people like the best.
  • There is an easy to locate search function at the top of the page.
  • When you look at the page for an individual post, the right sidebar will include a box for other entries in that category.
  • Finally, trackbacks are now separate from comments, so it is easier to distinguish between them.


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