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Japonesque Pink Go Curl Eyelash Curler

Japonesque has a full line of makeup and cosmetic tools and brushes. For October, they have released a neat little item, the Limited Edition Pink Ribbon Japonesque Pocket Eyelash Curler. This is a pink version of their regular Go Curl Pocket Eyelash Curler.

Japonesque Go Curl Pocket  Eyelash Curler Pink

This cute pink curler is perfect for your purse or travel kit. A lever in the back flips down to operate the curer, which is pretty easy to use and has a good pad. The shape makes it slightly odd to use, but I loved the combo of the white pad and pink plastic.  It allowed me to easily see that I had all my lashes in the curler—something I have troubles with when using a regular eyelash curler. Indeed, aside from the charitable aspects, I recommend the pink version over the regular black one for that reason.

At $11, this is a good value item. 20% of the purchase price goes to the City of Hope Foundation.

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