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Moving into Fall with Deep Purple Nails

I am dragging myself kicking and Screaming into fall now. I started with a purchase of fall nail polish from the OPI France Collection in the shade We’ll always Have Paris. I wasn’t quite ready to wear it on my fingers, so I just did my toes! Here they are. I admit that it is not the best pedicure–I got a little sloppy with it!

OPI France Collection

I really like this shade. Purple hues suit me well, especially when they are very dark. I also don’t care for black, blue, or other things that seem a bit too trendy and funky for my age. So the purple trend works well for me. It is just reddish enough for me to not feel like I am wearing a kid’s color. Look for all sorts of deep purple nails this fall, while grays, blues, and black are still around as well.

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