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Erno Laszlo Redness FX Lotion and Cream

Copy of Redness-RX Erno Laszlo is long time favorite brand of mine for upscale skin care products. They recently released their Redness FX line, consisting of a lotion and a cream aimed at calming sensitive skin and reducing redness. These are two different products, each with different ingredients. Here is a bit of information from the company about each:

Redness FX Cream

Calming Cream for Sensitive Dry Skin

– A calming formula that soothes inflammation and relieves facial burning, stinging, and itching due to environmental irritants, a change in diet or emotions.

– Powerful Antioxidants, Vitamin A, E and Goji Berry Extract, help protect and shield the skin from environmental damage.

– Replenishes lost moisture and keeps skin hydrated.

– Immediately reduces redness and irritation.

– In a clinical study, Erno Laszlo FX Cream demonstrated significant decrease, up to 75%, in the visual appearance of skin redness.

– Helps avert future flare-ups.

Redness FX Lotion

Calming Lotion for Sensitive Normal to Oily Skin

– Calms flare-ups of visible redness and irritations.

– In a clinical study, Erno Laszlo FX Lotion demonstrated significant decrease, up to 71%, in the visual appearance of skin redness.

– Combines cooling agents such as Gorgonian Extract to reduce redness, Bisabolol to soothe irritated skin, and Arnica Extract to reduce inflammation.

– With daily use, helps avert future flare-ups.

– Maintains skin’s moisture balance.

The timing couldn’t have been better for me to test these because while I normally do not have sensitive skin, I managed to irritate it a bit with some overuse of retinol. I tested both and found that I liked the lotion much more than the cream.

The lotion is quite soothing and worked well to calm my irritated skin. The cooling extracts in it go to work pretty much instantly. The cream did not instantly soothe, in fact, I found that it stung a little bit on one sensitive area. But keep in mind that this was an already irritated patch of skin–the cream felt great everywhere else. I felt that the cream cleared up redness well when used overnight. This makes sense, considering that it has different ingredients that appear to be focused a bit more on prevention, but because of the more instant effect of the lotion, I liked the lotion best.

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