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Three Beauty Uses For Jell-O and One that Doesn’t Work

Jell-O Jello strawberry beauty tips Powder Jell-O is a secret beauty item in the cosmetic world. Here’s how:

1) It imparts a natural stain. Rub some Strawberry or Cherry powder on your lips for a natural tint and top with a clear gloss. Mix with a bit of water and you have a natural looking cheek stain. I have read of its use to stain other parts of the body as well.

2) It is a tasty scrub. Pick the non-sugar-free flavor of your choice and rub the powder onto the lips for a great sugar scrub exfoliation. Tip: because it will also leave a tint, I recommend avoiding lime green or other flavors with odd colors!

3) It is good for the waistline. Put a bit of powder in a vial for your beauty uses and make the rest up into diet friendly snack. Take a look at the Jell-O recipe page for a section on healthy snacks. Note: Jell-O is not vegetarian.

Unfortunately though, despite rumors to the contrary, eating Jell-O will not make your nails stronger.

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