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Beauty and Fashion Tech Best of 2008

Below are my top 20  (plus one extra) products of 2008. These come from reviews I did during the year, so while many were also released in 2008, some are older products that I simply tried for the first time during the year.  These are in no particular order, I like them all pretty much equally.  Well…. actually the Sally Hansen Natural Beauty Line probably really is number one! You might also be interested in the Best of 2007 list. All links here are to my original reviews.

235_fotolia_2826322_s 1. The Entire Sally Hansen Natural Beauty Line. Read Part One here, and Part Two here. Sally Hansen put together an affordable line full of wonderful items, including an incredible foundation. I think it is the best overall drugstore line out there.

2. Tracy Reese for Sally Hansen Salon Nail Polish: Sally Hansen Salon Nail Lacquer is my favorite of all brands and the Tracy Reese Fall 2008 Collection is full of gorgeous shades. It can be hard to find, but well worth seeking out!

3. Beauty Fix: This subscription service provides a great way to sample exceptional products and an equally exceptional value.

4. DHC Q10 Powder: A silky smooth finishing powder with anti-aging properties. DHC is already one of my favorites for skincare. Now I am a fan of DHC makeup too.

5. Dior Five Colour Eye Shadow Palette in Earth Tones: Rich tones with full pigment, in good fall and winter shades, make this my absolute favorite palette of the year.

6. Bliss Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Mask: A unique foaming mask that brightens up dull skin within minutes. The effects don’t last super long, but it is quite refreshing and makes for a nice start to the day.

7. Stila Talking Smoky Eye Palette: I find the talking part to be unnecessary, but otherwise this palette can’t be beat for creating the perfect smoky eye.

8. The Miche Handbag: Perfect for those who want numerous looks on a budget. This handbag comes with changeable shells and looks much more expensive than it really it.

9. Jane be Pure Liquid Mineral Foundation: A wonderful foundation that is essentially a tinted moisturizer with a bit more coverage. It is very affordable as well!

10. The Braun Silk Epil Expressive Epilator: This epilator is not like those of the past. Yes, it still stings and such, but it is not nearly as painful as those of the old epilady days, and it works wonderfully. I think it beats waxing. Just don’t expect a pain free experience–it is still an epilator after all.

11. Anastasia’s Five Piece Brow Kit: This handy little kit from Anastasia includes a great set of tweezers and the basics for creating a perfect brow.

12. The New Science of Perfect Skin by Daniel Yarosh: A wonderful book that covers all aspects of skin care and that separates myth and hype from reality.

13. The Ped Egg: Absolutely the best way to remove calluses from your feet. It is easy, painless, clean, and cheap! For those who commented about wishing that it had a handle, it now is available with one. I saw that in the store just last week!

14. DIY Mineral Makeup Kits from Bramble and Berry: Making my own mineral eye shadow was a bit messy, but also a heck of a lot of fun!

15. MAC Volcanic Ash Exfoliator: I love this rich exfoliator. It is messy though, so use it only in the shower! I believe it was also limited edition, so it might be getting hard to find.

16. Nars The Multiple Multi-Purpose Stick: Use it as blush, highlighter, or on the lips. Available in several great shades, including the ever popular orgasm.

17. Milani’s new mascaras: Milani came out with a full set of new mascaras this year and each provided great value at an affordable price.

18. DDF Fade Gel 4: This product contains actives that can treat melasma and acne at the same time. I love it! It is also available in a non-hydroquinone version.

19. It is gone now (Except maybe you can find some items on ebay) but the Fafi and MAC Collection was fabulous!

20. Ten Years Thinner by Christine Lydon M.D.: I tried this diet and exercise program and was pretty happy with it. The book is affordable, and the exercises need no special equipment. The meal plan isn’t too bad either.

Plus one that should have been on the 2007 list!

PCA Skin PHaze 13 Melasma Treatment: This one almost fell between the cracks. It was reviewed on 12/31/2007, after I had written the best of 2007 list. It is the best over the counter melasma and hyperpigmentation treatment that I have used to date (the DDF product on this list is the second best). I love the hydroquinone version, but there is one without that ingredient available as well.

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