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Lancome Oscillation Mascara: Just Another Mascara

Lancome Oscillation Mascara I tried Lancome’s Oscillation mascara some time ago when they had a limited pre-sale of it. This vibrating mascara is one of several brands that turn, shake, twist, vibrate etc., supposedly in a way that leads to perfect lashes.  I tend to find it to be more hype than anything though.

I liked Spin Lash (read review), which is available at big box retailers and drug stores, although I know of others who hated it. Lancome Oscillation was basically ho hum for me. I adore Lancome mascara in general, so right off, I did like the quality of the Oscillation mascara, but I can’t say that the vibrating action made any difference in how my lashes turned out.  I tried the product turned off and got exactly the same results.

In the end, it is a perfectly good mascara, but I didn’t find it to be anything special. Instead it just seemed like an attempt to come up with a gimmick to suck people into buying, and it certainly was successful at that. I and a ton of other people bought one!

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