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Ready to Wear Lash Extension: Fake Lashes in a Bottle

Ready to Wear Lash Extension The Home Shopping Network sent me a sample of  Ready to Wear Lash Extension by Philippe Chansel, which is also featured in episode one their Faces of Beautiful You online series. In that episode,  Blind Date in Sight, Nicki and Smith share the secret of the “transition outfit” as Hallie prepares for a blind date.

Ready to Wear Lash Extension is certainly an interesting and unique product. The bottle contains a wand and eyelash lengthening fibers. To use it, apply one coat of mascara, apply a light “coat” of Ready to Wear Lash Extension fibers, and then apply another coat of mascara.

The good side of this product is that it works. I found that my lashes looked great with it. It lengthens and creates a thick lash look that does not look clumpy. I really did love the look that I got from it.

The downside is that it has to be applied carefully to avoid getting fibers on your cheeks and in your eyes. I dealt with fibers on my cheeks just fine by gently brushing them off. But contact wearers be warned! It doesn’t feel real good to get this stuff in your eyes! With that said, I wear contacts and am able to use the product. But I have to apply it very carefully so as not to overload the wand and get fibers in my eyes.

To learn more about this product, watch episode one of HSN’s Faces of Beautiful You.

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