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Two Faced Naughty and Nice Palette

The Two Faced Naughty and Nice Palette is a cute and fun way to get two entirely different looks. This palette comes with a slide out drawer holding a lip and eye applicator and two separate sides of eye and lip makeup.  The “nice” side of the palette consists of neutral cream and browns with a bit of shimmer. The “naughty” side has a pretty violet shadow shade, along with a silver and sparkly black. It also has more vibrant lip shades.

Too Faced Naughty and Nice Palette

I like Too Faced products, especially their eye shadow. The pigmentation is good and they wear well. The lip shades in this kit are a bit sheer, especially with the lighter shades.  Below are swatches of both the naughty and nice palettes.

Too Faced Makeup Eye Shadow Swatch

Too Faced Cosmetics Eyeshadow Swatch

This palette is featured in episode one of the Home shopping Network’s online series Faces of Beautiful You. In that episode, Nicki and Smith share the secret of the “transition outfit” as Hallie prepares for a blind date. The Too faced Palette is certainly good for making a day to evening transition!

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