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Mascara Monday Review: Guerlain Le 2 de Guerlain Mascara

This is an interesting one. Guerlain Le 2 de Guelain Mascara comes with two brushes. One normal sized one in the medium size range overall, and one shorter and slightly angled smaller one. Use the regular sized brush for your top lashes and the small brush for the lower lashes.

guerlain le 2 mascara

I really enjoyed this one. Guerlain’s mascara formulation was merely OK–no real clumping, but nothing outstanding in terms of length and such either.  But that smaller brush rocks for doing the lower lashes! Half the time I skip my lower lashes because, quite frankly, I am a klutz and end up smearing them. But with that small brush, even an uncoordinated person like me can turn out some decent looking lashes.

Guerlain gets a thumbs up from me on this one!

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