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DiorSkin Forever Compact Flawless and Moist Extreme Wear Makeup

diorskin forever compact flawless makeup Dior DiorSkin Forever Compact Flawless & Moist Extreme Wear Makeup SPF 25 is one heck of a good powder foundation. I have a few complaints about the packaging, but the quality of the foundation makes up for those issues. I also particularly recommend this one for those with melasma or other pigmentation issues.

Dior’s Forever Flawless is a powder foundation that goes on smooth and then stays on, and stays, and stays. This stuff lasted all day for me without changing in appearance. Coverage is medium and it does a good job of covering pigmentation. It is advertised as moist, but it is not necessarily moisturizing. It just isn’t as dry as the typical powder.  The result is that it wears nicely by not getting stuck in wrinkles and lines or looking flaky. It is also oil free, so no worries there. Dior’s powder foundation is also buildable, so if you have trouble areas, such as melasma or over pigmented areas, it can be used to achieve full coverage. I find that it covers melasma with a fairly unobtrusive appearance better than most other powder and full coverage foundations available. The SPF of 25 is also rather impressive.

The downside for me with the Dior compact is that at first, I seemed to have trouble opening the main compartment, and then I again had trouble opening the second compartment under the sponge. After it loosened up a bit it was fine, but those first few openings were a bit difficult.

I found that I get a wonderful look with Dior’s foundation by using a bit of tinted primer or tinted moisturizer under the Dior foundation. For full coverage, try it over a sheer liquid foundation.  It comes with an application sponge, but I like to use a stiff kabuki style brush to apply it. Overall, initial issues with the compact aside, this one is expensive, but worth it!

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