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Guest Post: Dazzle Dry Nail Kit Review

Today’s guest post is from Sam Radakovitz who tried out a Dazzle Dry nail polish kit:

Dazzle Dry is a quick dry nail polish system that was designed to cut the time you put into doing your nails. I’d like to describe Dazzle dry as a nail polish miracle. The kit I received included three different nail lacquers including rapid red, rose quartz, and heart of fire. It also included the nail prep, base coat and top coat.

Dazzle Dry Nail Polish

The nail prep/base coat combination is designed to prepare the nail bed for application of the nail lacquer and remove any natural oils as well as nourish your nails. What was really nice about it is that the polish does try amazingly fast, so there is no long waiting and only one coat is needed. Normally with any other polish I use, by even the second day it is already chipping. With dazzle dry my nails almost looked the same after a whole entire week (picture below).

Daxzzle Dry nail polish swatch

I would recommend the product for anyone who has a busy schedule. It’s like having your own manicure army at home.  If you check out the Dazzle Dry website you’ll find more shades as well as other products.

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