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Kenzoki Creamy Cleansing Cream

I love Kenzoki skin care items. Their products always feel luxurious and have beautiful light scents.  Kenzoki Creamy Cleansing Cream is a particularly nice cleanser. Here is what the company says about it:

Indulge in a relaxing face massage with this gentle cleanser that is tender to the touch. An everyday treat that soothes and moisturizes while it cleans to leave you with soft, supple skin. Inspired by nature, KenzoKi skincare pairs advanced research with four natural elements from Asia to create the ideal balance of performance and pleasure. Four plants, four fragrances, four collections that delight the senses while enhancing the natural beauty of skin.

Kenzoki Cleanser

I found that the cleanser feels wonderful. It removes makeup well and moisturizes so that your skin does not feel dried out.  But this one isn’t necessarily just for dry skin. I use it fairly regularly, even when I am oily. I think it simply feels better than some of the more harsh cleansers that are out there. Plus it smells wonderful! The scent is very light, so it doesn’t overwhelm. It just ads to the overall pleasant experience that comes from using it.

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