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Kronos Phyx Overnight Conditioner

Kronos Phyx

Looking for the best deep conditioner? This is it! Kronos Phyx Overnight Repair Masque is certainly the most unique hair conditioner that I have tried. It also is the absolute best that I have tried, beating out even my other darling conditioner, Ojon Restorative Hair Treatment (read review). (Note: the bottle forKronos Phyx  looks different now, but it is still the same great product)


First, why this is unique: Kronos Phyx is a leave in, overnight hair treatment that will not rub off or otherwise make a mess. The conditioner is applied to dry hair and it absorbs very quickly, leaving no film to rub off on sheets and pillowcases. There is no particular scent, and not a whole lot is needed for a full application. While on, it goes to work, providing deep conditioning.  Wash it out in the morning to find extremely soft well behaved hair.

I found Kronos Phyx to be nothing short of amazing, and my dry, color treated hair does wonderfully with it. Best yet, using Phyx several times per week just intensifies the results. Now compare that to Ojon, which is also truly wonderful stuff in terms of results, but its also a stinky, greasy mess that is difficult to use too often because of the time commitment to sitting around all day with oily hair.  Needless to say, since I discovered Phyx, my jar of Ojon is getting used much less often.

Of course many good things still have a downside, and Phyx cannot escape that. It is expensive. At $105 for a fairly small bottle, it really is a luxury item. But here is the upside to the downside: Not a ton of product is needed for each application, so it will last for quite a bit, but nevertheless, it won’t fit in every woman’s budget. Regardless, I think this one is well worth the price. Kronos makes a number of other highly rated hair products as well.

I got my bottle in the first edition of Beauty Fix. Which they no longer seem to include. But you can get it Dermstore and often on sale there, making it more affordable: Kronos Phyx Overnight Repair Masque





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