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Mascara Monday: Too Faced Lash Injection

Too Faced Lash Injection Too Faced Lash Injection iconis a mascara that, as long as you carefully wipe the brush before use, gives very nice length and medium volume to the lashes.

I tend to not care for the big thick brushes, so Too Faced made me happy right off with the slightly smaller brush on its Lash Injection. The brush also works great at defining the lower lashes. The formula gives good length and volume, but I did get a bit of clumping when I wasn’t overly careful. The little brush tends to pick up extra mascara, so wiping it is a definite must!

I have also read some reports of this one flaking off for some people. I didn’t have problems with that though.

By the way, Too Faced also makes some of the cutest affordable makeup palettes on the market. so if you go browsing their mascara, take a look at their other items as well!

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