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Mascara Monday Review: MarvaLash

marvalash mascara MarvaLash is unique mascara that actually left me wondering why nobody had thought of this before! The mascara comes with two brushes. OK, so that isn’t all that uncommon.  But with Marvalash, one brush is dry, and the other has the actual product. Both brushes are curved and, as a nice touch, they are lightly tapered so that the tip doesn’t over-coat at the edges and can be used more easily for the lower lashes.

The addition of a dry brush is a great idea. Use it first to get the lashes in place. Apply a coat of mascara and then use the dry brush to separate and remove any accidental clumps, then repeat. The dry brush works much better than a lash comb!

I got great results with this mascara—long lashes and no clumps. At $18 for a tube, the price isn’t too terrible either!

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