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Guest Review: Olay ProX Anti-Aging Skin Care

Today brings a guest post from Kylee Baumle, who writes a beautiful gardening blog, Our Little Acre, a site that is also full of wonderful photography and a good dose of cat stories! Read below for Kylee’s review:

Around the age of forty, I started thinking maybe I should consider taking better care of my skin.  When fifty rolled around, I wished I’d taken better care of it at twenty and thirty. I’ve always been a fan of Olay Regenerist products, especially the Daily Serum, so when I started seeing their new ProX products being advertised, I checked them out. ProX is clinically proven to stimulate skin to perform much like it did when it was younger by increasing turnover of the surface cells and repairing the moisture barrier. In addition to costing a fraction of what department store products do, as an introduction incentive Olay was offering a $10 discount at the time of purchase of their Anti-Aging Starter Kit, which retails for about $60.  Their guarantee promised my money-back if I wasn’t satisfied with the performance of their products, so I bought them.

Olay ProX Anti-Aging Starter Kit

Included in the starter kit were:  Eye Restoration Complex .3 oz tube, Age Repair Lotion with SPF 30 1 oz. pump, and Wrinkle Smoothing Cream 1 oz jar.  I was to use the Eye Restoration both morning and evening, the Age Repair Lotion in the morning, and the Wrinkle Smoothing Cream at night.  As one who has a hard time following any kind of skin care regimen, this was a challenge to me.  But I’d spent enough money on the kit and I truly wanted to see results, so I vowed to stick with it.

After just one week of using the kit, I noticed that my skin felt softer.  At somewhere around two to three weeks usage, my skin looked slightly smoother.  It’s been five weeks now and I like how my skin feels and looks.  To be honest, the results aren’t dramatic, but they are enough that I will keep using it and have already purchased a second starter kit.

None of the products felt greasy, which was a relief to me.  I had somewhat oily skin as a teenager and shunned moisturizers for years after that because I hated that greasy feel that most gave me.  I am a side sleeper and did notice that my skin felt slightly sticky where it touched the pillow.  It wasn’t enough to be all that annoying however.

The ProX products have a very slight fragrance – something somewhat medicinal in nature – but not strong enough to be objectionable.  I wish they’d used whatever fragrance is in their Regenerist Daily Serum, as I think that one is quite nice. Because the regimen is different in the morning than it is in the evening, I was more diligent about sticking with the program and only missed a morning or two.  I have never missed a night of using the products.

There are three other products in the line: Deep Wrinkle Treatment, Discoloration Fighting Concentrate, and Hydra Firming Cream.  I’d like to try each of those, especially the latter two.

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