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Three Reasons Why You Should Get a Bosu Balance Trainer

After several months of using a Bosu Balance Trainer at the gym and in Pilates and Body Sculpting classes, I am planning to get one for use at home.

Bosu Fitness Ball

BOSU stands for “Both Sides Utilized,” because it can be used with the ball side either up or down.  It works primarily as a balance-core stability training device, but can be used as part of a strengthening and cardio program as well. The one I linked to comes with a free pump and instructional booklet and video.

Here are the reasons why I love the Bosu:

  • It is versatile: The Bosu can be used for strength, stretching, balance, and cardio activities. Both sides can also be used for different exercises and different results.
  • It is durable: Bosu balls are thick and hold their air! My regular exercise ball, on the other hand, loses air constantly.
  • It is comfortable: I find the Bosu more comfortable for abdominal work than an exercise ball. It also is a bit easier on the back, yet it helps isolate core muscles in the same, or even better, manner as a standard exercise ball.

The downside to a Bosu over a standard fitness ball is that, at around $120, it  is a bit expensive. However, I love using one so much that I find it well worth the price. Because it is durable, it will also last for years.

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