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Fake Bake Sunless Tanning

Fake Bake is a line of sunless tanning products that is a favorite of various celebrities such as Kelly Ripa and Britney Spears.  I gave three products a try with generally good results. These are overall quite good self tanners, but they do require using them at night and allowing for full drying before bed because of the color indicator in the product. Also, as with use of any self tanner, be sure to exfoliate well before applying in order to avoid streaks!

Fake Bake Tanning Lotion

Fake Bake Self Tanner lotion gave the deepest tan. It also is the darkest in terms of the color indicator (which is organic BTW). At first, the dark brown color of the product surprised me, but the use of a color indicator adds a lot in terms of avoiding streaking because you can actually see where the product is going for more even application. Do wear gloves with this one! Just doing a test swatch without gloves left my hands pretty brown!

Fake Bake’s lotion dries quickly (less than 10 minutes when I used it) and does not rub off on sheets. The color indicator generally washes off in the shower the next day after the product has allowed the skin color to develop.  I ended up with a good look from the lotion, although it was darker than I normally go with self tanners (I’m naturally pretty darn pale).

Similar to the standard lotion is Fake Bake Sunless And Skinny.  This interesting tanner contains firming ingredients to help your skin look more tone and help hide cellulite. I got a similar looking tan from this one as I did from the lotion.

My favorite was the Fake Bake Self Tanning Mousse.  This product had the lightest color indicator. In fact, it can be a bit hard to see as you rub it in, but it doesn’t go entirely invisible like many other tanning mousses, which is why I liked it so much. I find that mousse spreads more evenly than lotions, giving the best odds for a streak free tan. The addition of a bit of color indicator in Fake’ Bake’s version was even more helpful. I also got a bit lighter tan from the mousse, which is my preference. I like to start light and build up. Overall, I ended up with a nice streak free light tan from the mousse.

In the end, as long as you don’t mind the color indicator, this is a nice line of products. I like having the indicator, because I think it helps prevent streaks, but some folks prefer invisible lotions so that they can apply and go out the door.

Looking for a kit with several products? Check out the Fake Bake Tanning Kit.

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