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Hair Care Routine For Dry, Fine, Color Treated Hair

I have been asked about my hair car routine.  For starters, I have fairly dry, color treated hair, that is straight and has a fine texture. As a result, I am usually looking for both moisture and volume, while trying to preserve my color.

Here are the main points of my routine:

  • To preserve color, and because my hair is dry, I shampoo every other day.
  • I use a volumizing shampoo. Volumizing shampoos work to add body to the hair shafts, hence providing more overall volume and body. If you have fine hair, regardless of whether it is dry, normal, or oily, a volumizing shampoo is the way to go.
  • Although I use a volumizing shampoo, I often will use a daily moisturizing conditioner.
  • Once each week, I use a deep conditioner and leave it in as long as possible before rinsing.
  • For extra conditioning, I use a leave in spray conditioner. These not only provide some great extra conditioning, they also help prevent frizzy hair, and provide protection from heat appliances. If there was one hair care product that I couldn’t live without, it very well might be my leave in conditioner!

In terms of styling, I love my flat iron, but it can be quite hard on the hair, so I try to limit my use of it. When blow drying, I use the medium setting and put up with the longer drying time in order to prevent damage and keep things smooth. I shoot it with a blast of cool air when finished to set in the style.

Also, a word on color: I purposely highlight and lowlight my hair instead of using an all over color. This allows me to go longer in between color sessions, which also helps keep my hair from getting over processed.

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