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Ignore the Diet Ads Please! I Do Not Endorse Them!

Update: Glam quickly processed my ad removal request, so the offending ads appear to be gone now.  Many thanks to them for acting so quickly!

I am being served a bunch of those awful diet ads today: The ones leading to called “blogs” claiming you can get rid of belly fat by following one simple rule–which is to buy a couple of products from a subscription type service that might be hard to cancel before your card is charged. That free sample? You have to sign up for the subscription to get it.  For more on the issues with these and and why I so dislike them, read my previous editorial post on them.

Please do not patronize them. Don’t click them, don’t look at them. Because of reports of questionable activity from these companies, and what I personally believe is deceptive advertising, I don’t endorse them.

I have asked that the ads be removed from my site, but it could take a day or two. Until then, please ignore, ignore, ignore.


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