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In Home Laser Hair Removal With Tria Beauty: Part II, Operating the Device

Update: Learn about the 4 top permanent home hair removal systems in our home laser hair removal buyer’s guide, along with alternate options for those who cannot use the laser.

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Awhile back, I posted an introduction to the  TRIA Beauty (read previous review).  Today I am covering my actual use of the system. To see how to use the device, watch this video and/or read below for the main points that the video covers.

The Tria Beauty System is an in home laser hair removal device. While it is not cheap (now $495, it used to be as high as $795), it is considerably cheaper than doing a full series of laser hair removal appointments at a salon and offers the same results.

Using the device basically gives a slight heating sensation. It is quite comfortable, even on the highest setting. I have used it twice now, and find that in a few spots my hair seems slightly thinner. However, with it being summer, I am shaving so much that it is rather hard to tell. I suspect seeing where things are this fall after several more treatments will be quite telling.

To use the device, remember the following:

  • Laser hair removal is not instantaneous. Be prepared for repeated treatment over the course of 6-8 months.
  • Because any laser hair removal the system works by targeting a contrast of dark hair on light skin, it will not be effective on blond or white hair, and it cannot be used on dark skin tones. If you have a medium to dark complexion, laser hair removal may be dangerous for you. The best candidates are those with light skin and darker hair. The product has various safety features to assure that only those with the proper skin tone can use it.
  • Laser hair removal is for the legs, underarm and general bikini areas. It is not safe to use in the areas of the face, breasts, or genitals.
  • Although very easy to use, it takes time to do each treatment. Small sections are “zapped” at a time in an overlapping pattern. So it takes awhile to do a leg. Plan accordingly!
  • Be sure to use on clean, dry, freshly shaved skin. Do not wax or epilate for 6 weeks before use.
  • For more, there is a FAQ on the TRIA Beauty website.

Stay tuned over the coming months as I report how well the device works for me.

Update: Right now, you can get the Tria Beauty at half price, using their Easy Pay offer.

Update: Read my follow up post: Tria Beauty Update.

aka: Trai Beauty Home Laser Hair Removal

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