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Mascara Monday: Almay One Coat Nourishing and Lengthening Mascara

tbp509334_v0_l Unfortunately my test of Almay’s One Coat Nourishing and Lengthening Mascara did not go so well for me. I have read some good reviews of it (total beauty readers seem to love it), and found it to be serviceable, but I’m not crazy about it.

The mascara applied OK with one coat, but had a few clumps, even with careful wiping of the brush. I got OK length from it and it did wear well in terms of no flaking throughout the day. Removal was fine. The down side though was that I wanted a bit more length and used a second coat. At that point it really clumped.

I thought the overall formulation seemed rather thick. That did make me wonder if I got an older tube or something—or if it is always that thick—which is what I think caused all the clumping.

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