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Mascara Monday: Best Drugstore Mascaras

Today’s Mascara Monday is a list of the best drugstore mascara syndicated from Total Beauty. I agree with some items and not with others on their list. For example, the Almay mascara listed was a bit clumpy for me and smudged (I’ll have a review up on it in a few weeks). But number 9 on their list, L’Oreal Telescopic, is one of my favorites (read previous review). I also particularly like Maybelline’s Lash Discovery, which has been a staple mascara for me for years. I haven’t tried a good number of the other ones on the list. I will have to work on correcting that!

To learn more about what Total Beauty views as the best, click on through below:

Top 11 Drugstore Mascaras

Get gorgeous lashes for cheap with these standouts

Top 11 Drugstore Mascaras

Think you need to head to a department store and spend upwards of $20 to get a decent mascara? Think again. TotalBeauty.com readers prove that there are drugstore mascaras that give them the same — if not better — results, and all are less than $10!

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Do you have a favorite drugstore mascara? If so, share it in the comments!

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