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Mascara Monday: Physician’s Formula Mineral Mascara

pf Physicians Formula Mineral Wear Mascara icon is rather interesting. The brush is quite unique—one side has small rubber bristles in a comb shape, while the other side is essentially flat with tiny bristles.  The idea is that you can use the flatter side to add product and the comb to lengthen and separate. I got best results using the comb first, then the flat to add a bit more product and then third swipe with the comb.  For a bit less of a dramatic effect, use the flat side first, then the comb.

I like the formula on this one quite a bit. It didn’t clump and boy did I get some length out of it!  It also lasted all day for me with no flaking. However it wasn’t the easiest to remove, and I tend to prefer mascaras that I can wipe off with a wet cloth. If you are used to waterproof mascaras or always use an eye makeup remover, then it shouldn’t be a problem for you. The comb also really takes some getting used to. It took me several tries before I learned how to keep the brush on the side that I wanted it on. Once I got past that though, I really liked this mascara.

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