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Too Faced Lockdown Cream Eye Shadow

Too Faced is a good mid-range price line of cosmetics that tends to have some fun and funky shades. Recently, they sent me a sample of their Lockdown cream eye shadow to try.

Too Faced Lockdown is described as a crease proof eye shadow with a Hollywood twist—intense metallic pigments are combined with color. I was sent the shade Jailbait, which is a luminous pink shade:

Too Faced Cream Eye Shadow

As you can see, this one really shines. The metallic certainly shows through and it really is quite luminous. The color is quite pretty and the shadow is indeed quite crease proof. It wears nicely and lasted all day for me.  I’m not one who tends to wear an all out metallic eye, so I have usually been wearing this as a highlight in conjunction with some matte or toned down cream shadows. Put a bit in the inside corner of the lid for a fun look, or try putting a bit in the middle of your lid for a bright pop of highlight that will really open up your eyes.

Lockdown retails at around $18.50

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