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Total Beauty’s 10 Worst Hair Straightening Products

This material, syndicated from Total Beauty, is a bit interesting to me because I don’t really agree with their take on the shampoos/conditioners listed as long as you have dry hair. I suspect that the low ratings come from people with normal to oily hair hoping to get some straightening from them. Unfortunately, often the ingredients that best smooth hair do add some oil. I face that rather often myself when I try to get a smoother look in my slightly oily hair.

Anyway, here  is Total Beauty’s take on the matter:

10 Worst Hair Straightening Products

Want to get rid of frizz or curls? Steer clear of these products

10 Worst Hair Straightening Products

Looking for a smooth, sleek, straight style? Well, don’t attempt one using any of these hair straightening products. TotalBeauty.com readers say the ones on this list left them with poufy, frizzy or worse — greasy — hair. Check them out so you know what to avoid.

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