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MAC Nail Trend Matte Nail Look Using Beyond Jealous

The MAC Cosmetics Nail Trend Collection iconhas some wonderful fall shades, and its dark green shade, Beyond Jealous, has been particularly in demand. I love MAC Polishes. They always apply and wear well for me, and the shades are always unique. Beyond Jealous is a deep green shade that is so dark that in some lighting it looks almost black.  I decided to use it to try out this fall’s other hot trend—matte nails with a glossy tip.

Here is a swatch of the shade in natural sunlight.

MAC Nail Trend Beyond Jealous Swatch

After applying two coats of MAC Beyond Jealous (although I really could have gotten away with one coat on this one), I then applied Essie Matte About You Matte Finisher this top coat gives any posh a matte finish. It is rather fun to watch it as it happens!  Here are my nails after I applied Matte About You.

Essie Matte About You Swatch

finally, I added a bit of glossy top coat to the tips. I don’t have the steadiest hand for that, so I think that next time I will have a pro do it for me in order to get the best look. But you can still get the idea of how they should look with a glossy tip from the swatch below.

Matte Nails with GLossy Tip Swatch

I think this look works best with darker shades. So try it with dark green, red, black, navy etc. for a trendy look this fall!

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