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Mascara Monday: Stila Multi-Effect Mascara

Stila Multi-effect mascara Stila Multi-Effect Mascara provided a very pleasant surprise for me—it actually can curl! It seems that so many mascaras claim that they can curl the lashes, and then they really don’t measure up. Curling is either minimal, or it doesn’t last. Stila’s mascara actually does what it promises.

Stila Multi-Effect seems like a pretty standard formulation, with a standard curved brush. Lengthening and volume were good with it. Nothing extreme, or outstanding, but perfectly acceptable. I had no issues with clumping, but be sure to wipe the brush well with this one first—I did have quite a bit of extra mascara hanging on mine when I first took it out of the tube. Where it shines is the curling, one swipe with the curved brush pulls the lashes into a pretty decent curl. It also holds well. I normally advocate just using an eyelash curler, but for something that is good to go when you don’t have one available, this is a great mascara!

Multi-Effect also wore well for me. No issues with flaking, and it removed easily. I give this one a thumbs up!
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