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Arbonne Hair Care Review

Arbonne is a Swedish Company that specializes in skin care and cosmetics. They also have a line of hair care products. Arbonne works through a consultant based system, so getting the products usually requires going through a consultant (Arbonne is a multi-level marketing MLM program). So, despite reading some rave reviews of Arbonne products, I put off actually doing any Arbonne reviews. Then I found some products on Amazon, so I purchased some. I am providing links to several different sources on there.

Arbonne Hair Conditioner Arbonne Shampoo FC5

One of the first items I grabbed was an Arbonne FC5 Nourishing Daily Shampoo & Conditioner Set. I’m constantly looking for the perfect shampoo and conditioner and Arbonne made me rather happy with their FC5 items.

Arbonne FC5 Swiss Nourishing Daily Shampoo is color safe and moisturizing, without being too moisturizing—just what I was looking for. I have had oily hair lately, despite having highlights, and most shampoos formulated to deal with oil will strip color or make my ends too dry. So, the Arbonne shampoo was a decent middle road for me. The shampoo is fairly low lather, but not no later, and feels thick and rich. The smell is a bit interesting though, and was a bit strong for my tastes. It is kiwi, which I’m not a huge fan of. But it won’t keep me from otherwise using, liking, and recommending the product.

Arbonne FC5 Swiss Nourishing Daily Hair Conditioner is medium in texture. While the Arbonne conditioner doesn’t seem like it will detangle well when initially applied, it does a bang up job at it when rinsing. Like the shampoo, it also provided a nice middle road for me. I felt that I got sufficient detangling and moisture, yet my hair did not quickly get oily like it would with many other moisturizing brands. The scent from the conditioner was also not nearly as strong as it was with the shampoo.

Overall, I ended up with soft silky hair. The Arbonne FC5 hair care combo also did a great job at smoothing. I was able to blow my hair straight much easier with it than I often am able to do with other products. So there is another bonus. Arbonne products can be on the expensive side, but the shampoo was a good average price in my opinion. The conditioner container is a bit small for the price point, but you also do not need to apply as much of it to get decent conditioning.

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