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What Would You Do For Beauty? Tales of Stripping and Other Acts to Buy Beauty

I have to admit that I rolled my eyes when I read the title of this article syndicated from Total Beauty. Stripping for Makeup? But actually, that is just one short tale in a selection of true stories of what women  have done for beauty. Some of the other ones also made me roll my eyes, but one made sense to me. A woman rode her bike instead of driving in order to save money for pedicures. That seems pretty good to me. Get in shape, be environmentally friendly, and save money all at once!

Anyway, you can read the various stories in the Total Beauty article that is excerpted below. Despite the title, it isn’t really all about strippers and stripping.

True Stories: Women Who Strip for Beauty Products

Read these shocking tales of the extreme lengths women will go in order to pay for beauty

True Stories: Women Who Strip for Beauty Products

In this economy, most of us are cutting back — on clothes shopping, eating out and, sadly, buying beauty products. But some women just can’t give up their regular manicures, hair color or cosmetic surgery, even if they have to take extreme measures to pay for it. Check out these amazing true stories — and maybe you won’t feel quite as ridiculous for raiding your savings account to pay for that blow out.

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