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ecoTOOLS Eye Brush Set

ecoTOOLS, are a line of affordable and eco-friendly makeup brushes, available at some drugstores and big box retailers (I often see them at Target). I will admit to being a bit of a brush snob. I do really like the higher end makeup brushes. However, ecoTOOLS does a good job at competing by making decent makeup brushes at an affordable price. That they are environmentally friendly is a bonus.

EcoTOOLS recently added two new products to their line. The first is a six piece eye brush set packaged in a cute canvas case with a mirror. This is a nice purse size set, but the brushes are not so small that they are difficult to use. In fact, I tend to prefer short handled makeup brushes. The set provides all that you need for creating various eye shadow looks.  The second new item is a soft bronzer brush.

ecotools eyeshadow brushes ecotools bronzer makeup brush

EcoTOOLS created a series of videos to demonstrate the new brushes. Below are two videos that show how to make good use of the eye shadow brushes.  The first shows how to create a smoky eye using the six piece brush set. The Second shows how to do makeup touch ups using the set.

Next week, I will be showcasing more of the videos and giving away two of the ecoTOOLS six piece eye brush kits. So if you are in the market for some new makeup brushes, stop back next week for a chance to win!

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