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Lush Solid Shampoo Bar

LUSH Cosmetics came to the rescue for me with their solid shampoo bar. I have color treated hair, but my scalp tends to get oily, while the ends remain dry. Most shampoos formulated for color tend to also be too moisturizing for me—making my scalp oily again by the end of the day. So I was searching for a product that would not strip color, but would also take care of the oil. Then I could use a regular smoothing conditioner on the ends.

I was having a hard time finding anything that wasn’t too harsh until I was introduced to Lush Solid Shampoo Bars. Because the bars are solid, they can be made without preservatives, and with natural ingredients. The first bar I tried was this Lush Stimulating and Reviving Mint Bar which was sent to me by Lush.

Lush Solid Shampoo Bar mint

The Mint Bar does a great job with oily hair and stimulates the scalp. But I thought it was just a bit to drying on my ends, so I dropped in a Lush boutique at Macy’s and picked up a Lush Godiva Solid Shampoo Bar instead.

Lush Godiva Solid Shamppo Bar

Godiva Solid Shampoo has cocoa and shea butters as moisturizers but, unlike my problems with regular moisturizing shampoos, the Godiva Bar took care of my scalp oil, without leaving my ends overly dry. Finally, I was back to where I could wash my hair every other day without getting oily and my ends were nice and smooth.  I pair the Lush bars with a light smoothing conditioner on the ends of my hair.

A Lush Solid Shampoo Bars run around $7-$10 depending on the bar. To use the bars, you can either rub it on your hair, or lather it up in your hands and apply it. I tend to just rub it along my scalp and underneath the back of the hair. The bars are not very big, but they last quite well.

Lush Shampoo Bar Tin

One item I highly recommend getting if you order one is a Lush Shampoo Bar Tin.  The bars tend to leave a colored soap like film if you just leave them lying around. Plus, if they get wet, they will melt away over time like soap. A tin prevents those issues. It also makes the bars portable.  At $2.95 for a reusable tin, it won’t break the bank and will save you some housecleaning headaches.

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