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New Marc Jacob Splashes for 2010

Update! Looking for the Cucumber Splash? Look here: Marc Jacobs Cucumber Splash

Marc Jacob releases a few splash fragrances every year. Often they have are fruit based themes. Not being a huge perfume lover, I tend to look forward to them because they usually are light fresh scents. This year the new  Marc Jacobs Splash iconscents are: Pomegranate, Apple, and Biscotti.

marc jacobs splash 2010

Biscotti???? That is an odd one! I haven’t smelled it yet so I can’t say much about it. I’ll try to find it next week to see if it really smells like Italian cookies. Since Biscotti are traditionally almond flavored, I imagine that will be a focus of the scent. Have you tried it? If so let us know!

If you are looking for various splashes, including the increasingly hard to find Marc Jacobs Cucumber Splash, check here.

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