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Sephora Atomic Volume Mascara

Sephora atomic volume mascara I love the brush on Sephora Atomic Volume Mascara. The rubber brush has a bit of a concave curve to it and the bristles are wider apart than are often seen on rubber brushes. The effect is some great length with good definition.

Interestingly, this mascara is branded as a volume mascara, but while it does add some volume (as any mascara will do), I don’t think it really beefs up the thickness the way a volumizing mascara would be expected to do. Instead, I would define Sephora Atomic Volume as a lengthening and defining mascara.

The formula is nice. There was absolutely no clumping, smudging, or flaking when I tested this mascara, and  it removed easily at the end of the day. It has been one of my favorites ever since I started testing it, even over my favorite Diorshow Iconic. At $14, it rivals the top mascaras, but is much more affordable, so I consider this one to be a very good value purchase.

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