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DIY Beauty Products and Recipes

I love do it yourself beauty. At some point I plan to launch a line a lip balms and scrubs over on Girl Gloss, but that is a bit in the future. I also had quite a bit of fun with the Bramble and Berry Mineral Makeup Kit (link is to previous review). Making your own mineral makeup and eye shadow is really not that hard and is rather fun!

The article below is syndicated from Total Beauty and has some fun beauty recipes if you want to try your hand at making your own beauty items. Most of these are skin care related. The watermelon toner looks rather intriguing to me—it has vodka in it! Although that also temps me to leave the other ingredients out and just drink the watermelon juice with vodka…..hee hee….

There also is a nice basic lip gloss recipe, along with other interesting items. See below and click on through to Total Beauty for more.

Hey Good Lookin’ … Get Cookin’ with These Beauty Recipes

Try these nine seasonal skin and hair remedies

Hey Good Lookin' … Get Cookin' with These Beauty Recipes

This is a TotalBeauty.com health & beauty article

Mix your farmer’s market and backyard finds with stuff you have in the pantry to make facial masks, hair remedies and beyond.


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