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Get Your Shine On With Garnier HerbaShine Haircolour

I have long been a fan of Garnier hair products. In fact, I began using Garnier Fructis shampoo before it was available in North America after coming across it while visiting Spain. Before I switched to highlighting my hair, I also used Garnier’s semi-permanent colour (washes out over 28 shampoos) because I liked the choice of shades and the ease of use. I very well might switch back at some point because I like the flexibility of using semi-permanent colour and the New Garnier HerbaShine colour certainly is intriguing!

Garnier Herbashine

Garnier’s new semi-permanent haircolour, Garnier HerbaShine, is focused on colour that leaves the hair soft and shiny. Fortified with bamboo extract, HerbaShine strengthens coloured hair for longer lasting colour and leaves it soft and extra shiny.  The beauty of semi-permanent colour is that, because it is often formulated with conditioning agents, it can leave your hair looking and feeling better than it did before you used the colour.

The colour is ammonia-free, easy to use, and takes only 10 minutes. Because the colour is not permanent, it will slowly wash out over 28 shampoos—a nice option if you are like me and tend to get frequent urges to change your haircolour! This also avoids there ever being an obvious root line.  Semi-permanent colour is great for covering gray, and Garnier HerbaShine will cover about 70% of it.  The package includes gloves and a package of conditioner which, by the way, is a pretty good conditioning treatment!

HerbaShine is available in 18 shades ranging from blondes, to browns, to red tones, with all producing particularly shiny colour. Look for it in drugstores and at big box retailers.

Note: This is a sponsored post based on information and products provided to me by a representative of the company. For more please see my disclosure page.

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