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Make Up For Ever High Definition Foundation

Make up forever high definition foundation I am already in love with Makeup Forever Duo Matte Powder Foundation (link is to previous review). Now I equally love their MAKE UP FOR EVER High Definition Foundation.

Makeup Forever High Definition Makeup provides beautiful coverage that sits well on the skin, provides a powder feeling finish, and is designed to give a soft focus effect to hide imperfections. It is oil free and comes in 25 shades.

My crazy skin goes from oily days to dry days and I tried Makeup Forever High Definition on it during both. I liked it best when my skin was on the dry side, but it worked fine when I was oily as well. However, I prefer the Duo Matte powder foundation during the oily times.

Coverage from the foundation was lovely. It initially has a medium amount of coverage, but you can build this foundation to achieve higher cover over problems areas. I found that I could hide melasma spots with it pretty well, especially if I applied a bit of Makeup Forever Duo Matte powder on top of in those areas.  Mostly though, the foundation simply feels nice and looks very natural. The finish is streak free and provides a great base for other makeup. If you have particularly pale skin you might also particularly want to check out Makeup Forever High Definition—it has some very pale shades. I often use the second lightest of any given brand and actually ended up with the 5th in line (118 Flesh) with this one!   Price is on the high side at $40, but I think it is worth it.

In general, I am finding that Make Up For Ever is a quality line all around. I have yet to try something from them I didn’t like and they have quickly become my first stop every time that I go into Sephora. I am looking forward to trying more items from them.

Note: This review uses an affiliate link. For more, please see my disclosure page.

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