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DIY Skin Care Recipe Ebooks and Books

Do it Yourself (DIY) beauty has been a popular topic here on Beauty and Fashion Tech and on Girl Gloss. People seem to be looking for DIY beauty recipes and skin care recipes, so I went looking for more. Below are two Ebooks and a selection of regular books that cover the topic. Something I particularly like about ebooks is that they tend to come with various bonus items, and these are no different. The ebooks featured below both are currently running some specials with bonus items and/or sale pricing.  I also like ebooks for recipes because you can choose to print the single page for any given recipe instead of needing to juggle a book in the kitchen.  If anyone gives recipes from these books a try, come back and leave a comment about how they worked!

Naturally Skinsational BookNaturally Skinsational Rejuvinating Skin Care Recipes is a popular beauty ebook that was featured on the Fox Boston morning program. The sales page has video from the show. The ebook features skin care recipes that focus on common organic ingredients. The book also comes with a bonus eguide “How to Start Your Own Natural Skin Care Routine” with a special chapter featuring DIY natural treatments for skin conditions such as dry skin, acne and rosacea. Also included are a set of DIY skin care recipe cards.

Here is the chapter outline:

  • Introduction: Saving Face ~ Naturally
  • Skin Essentials
  • Getting Started
  • Facial Mask Natural Recipes
  • Facial Scrub Natural Recipes
  • Facial Toner Natural Recipes
  • Facial Steam Natural Recipes
  • Facial Mists for Skin Spritzing
  • Rejuvenating Moisturizer Recipes
  • Anti-Aging Facial Wraps
  • Under Eye Treatments
  • Special Occasion Recipes
  • Natural Skin Care Ingredient Glossary
  • Resources
  • References

At $19.99 for the ebook and the bonus items, the package is a pretty good deal for those who want to get into do it yourself skin care.

Anti Aging Secrets bookAnother good ebook option, and one that I personally liked quite a bit, is Leon’s Anti-Aging Beauty Secrets. Bonuses with this ebook are a set of facial exercises and yoga for wrinkle prevention, and two bonus ebooks: Nine Superfoods for Acne and Weight Loss, and Get Rid of Moles, Warts, and Skin Tags Naturally. The package is normally $36, but is on sale right now for $27.   I previously reviewed the Anti Aging Beauty Secrets ebook (link is to previous review). Here is a bit from that review:

“The diet chapter contains some great information and chart of antioxidant foods that I found quite handy. There is also neat list of various ethnic anti-aging foods. But what really shines are the multitude of recipes in this book. There is a section on Ayervedic recipes and then additional chapters covering cleansers, toners, masks, exfoliators, serums and more. There is even a recipe for lip balm and a chapter dedicated to an eyebrow and eyelash booster.”

Between these two ebooks, one could have all the DIY beauty recipes ever needed. But if you want more, or are lookingfor standard paper books. Here are some additional options that you might want to look at on Amazon.com:

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