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NARS 2010 Summer Collection and Swatches

I met up with representatives of NARS Cosmetics and some fellow beauty bloggers last week to see the NARS 2010 Summer Collection. NARS Cosmetics has a great selection of new products for this collection, including new primers, new lip items, and some very neat multiple tints that I will be covering separately. Today looks at the new eye shadows, blush and multiple bronzer.

For eye shadow, NARS Duo Cream Eyeshadow Burn It Blue is simply gorgeous. It is extremely pigmented and I love how the duo cream shadows wear. They are cream to powder, so they smooth on beautifully, but then dry so that they have staying power. The swatch doesn’t show just how luminous the lighter of the two shades is. It really glows, without looking overly sparkly.  If you wear blue shadow, this is a must have in my opinion. Heck, I don’t wear blue shadow and am thinking about starting just based on this item!

There is also a pretty new cream to powder blush: NARS Cream Blush Enchanted. The blush also wears nicely and is a very flattering peachy shade. Think of a cream and lighter intensity version of NARS Orgasm.

Swatches of Nars Burn it Blue and Enchanted Cream Blush are below (the blush swatch is above the eye shadow):

NARS 2010 eyeshadow  burn it blue NARS eye shadow swatch blush swatch 2010 NARS cream blush summer collection 2010

Also included in the NARS Summer Collection are a dark brown cream eye shadow which is also great for eye lining, NARS Cream Eye Shadow Cayenne, and a new cream to powder multiple that is perfect for creating a bronzed look, NARS The Multiple Lamu. The multiples are quite buildable and blendable, so you can wear the makeup with high pigment or blend it out for a much more sheer look than what is shown in the swatch. Swatches of both products are below, with the Cayenne swatch first and the Lamu swatch second.

039 NARS Cayenne Cream Eyeshadow - Lo Res 028 NARS Lamu Multiple

The Summer Collection also had a pretty new nail polish: NARS Nail Polish Versailles. I didn’t get a chance to swatch it, but here it is in the bottle. I love champagne nails, so I might pick this polish up next time I am at Sephora.

Nars sumemr Collection Nail Polish Versailles

Nars also has some great new Multiple Tints and two new primers that I just love. I’ll cover those in separate posts this week and next week. In addition, they have new lip items, including NARS Pure Sheer SPF Lip Treatments that are great tinted balms with sun protection. To see those, head on over to Girl Gloss: NARS Lip Treament Balms.

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Note: This review is based in part on products provided to me by a representative of the company and includes affiliate links. For more, please see the disclosure page.

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