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Nike Attitude From You T-Shirt Promotion

Do you have attitude? Can you imagine a cool and inspirational mantra? Nike is making T-shirts with mantras submitted by women, and Serena Williams will wear her favorites for the world to see.

Visitors to the site can also vote on their favorites. I spent some time browsing the gallery and and there are some really great mantras on there! I am entering my mantra of “Forget Half Full – Go For Over Flowing.” I picked this because not only am I an optimist, I am a firm believer in making to most of opportunities. So, why stop at half full? I’m looking forward to seeing Serena wearing the winning shirts!


This is a fun promotion. Hit the link below to head on over to the Nike site to view and vote on the entries and to submit your own!

Submit Your Mantra!

Disclosure: This is an advertorial post.

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