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$100 Off Tria Beauty Home Laser Hair Removal

Free shipping: Laser hair removal system

The TRIA Beauty Home Laser Hair Removal Device is a great way to get laser hair removal without going to a spa, and at a much lower price than a full course of spa treatments. It is painless (sensation is only a slight heating) and easy to use. I am getting good results with mine, despite not using it as consistently as I should in order to get a full course of treatment. You can read my previous reviews and see my video about it here:  Tria Beauty Review, Tria Beauty Introduction, Tria Beauty Update.

Right now Tria products have been reduced in price with Tria Beauty now at $495.

Tria also has a new acne treatment system, the Tria Be Clear. I haven’t tried it, so I can’t speak for it, but it looks interesting.

This is a great deals if you are in the market for a home laser hair removal device.

aka: Trai Beauty Home Laser Hair Removal

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