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L.A.M.B. Ultraviolet Handbags

A L.A.M.B. Handbag is high on my want list and has been for some time.  The L.A.M.B. Handbags are always unique and interesting, and I am a sucker for bags that are not your standard everyday black or brown leather. Plus, I love Gwen Stefani. For whatever reason, however, I haven’t gotten one yet. I came close a few times, but usually something (like my husband reminding me of that pesky budget) stopped me. I think that will change quite soon though, as I really am finding it hard to resist the L.A.M.B. Ultraviolet handbags.

The Ultravioltet bags have signature stitching so that the L.A.M.B logo is subtly stitched into the leather of the bag. The material is available on a number of bag styles, and each type is available in a number of colors: Argon (a pretty blue), Absinthe (yellowish chartreuse), Christalline (a soft gray), Carbon (black with green detail), Nero (black with white detail), Fuchsia (bright pink), and Nude (soft pink).  I have a photo of each color choice included below and am giving affiliate links over to Zappos since they have these on sale and also have free shipping.

My personal favorite is the L.A.M.B. – Ultraviolet Rhodes in Christalline and Nude. I could use a new gray purse. Hmmmm……

LAMB Rhodes Handbag L.A.M.B. Ultraviolet Rhodes Handbag

Also interesting is the L.A.M.B. – Ultraviolet Arcot, a mini messenger type bag with an adjustable cross body strap. Pictured are the colors Argon and Absinthe

L.A.M.B. Arcot Bag LAMB Ulraviolet Arcot handbag Absinthe

Then, for a mix between the two, take a look at the L.A.M.B. – Ultraviolet Etoile, which is part satchel, yet part messenger bag because of its cross body strap. Pictured are the shades Fuchsia and Carbon.

L.A.M.B. Fucshia Etoile Handbag L.A.M.B. Ultraviolet Etoile Handbag Carbon

Also available are the Nikola , Wristlets, and Various Wallets, Clutches, and Leather Sleeves

L.A.M.B. Ultaviolet Nikola bag L.A.M.B. Ultraviolet wristlet L.a.m.b. Ultraviolet wallet

At the time of this writing  a few of these bags were also on sale at Nordstrom .icon Or, you can comparison shop through Bizrate with the link below.

Comparison Shop for L.A.M.B. Ultraviolet Bags

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