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MAC Alice + Olivia Nail Polish Swatches

The MAC Cosmetics Alice + Olivia Collection, due to be released on July 8, 2010, has some great nail polish shades that I swatched. I have the Dazzle Glass swatched here at Girl Gloss: MAC Alice+Oliva  Dazzle Glass Swatches.

The shade Military is a dark gray with a suede finish and it dries incredibly fast. I put the swatch on my thumb, walked outside with the camera, and it was dry by the time the picture was taken! For some reason, I had a heck of time getting the camera to focus on this one though. All of my shots were a bit blurred but it still shows the shade fairly well.

MAC Alice Olivia Nail Polish Swatch Military

So Rich So Pretty is a nice shimmering purple

MAC Alice Olivia Nail Polish Swatch So Rich So Pretty

Morning After is a lovely turquoise shade.

MAC Alice Olivia Nail Polish Swatch Morning After

Morning After reminded me quite a bit of the MAC eyeshadow shade Parrot, so I went and dug mine out to see. The swatch on my thumb is Parrot. The swatch on my hand is the pigment shade Partylicious, which is also part of the MAC Alice + Olivia Collection. It is just slightly darker than Parrot.

MAC Parrot eyeshadow swatch

MAC Partylicious Pigment swatch

Disclosure: This post is based on products given to me by a representative of the company. For more, please see the disclosure page.

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