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MAC Haute and Naughty Mascara

MAC Haute and Naughty MascaraMAC Haute and Naughty Mascara is a single brush mascara that has two caps. Open it with the lower cap for a wider opening, which will load the brush more and allow for thicker, longer lashes.  Open the top cap, and the opening becomes smaller and the brush is wiped more clean. This allows for a more natural look.

That is how it works in theory anyway. In practice, I got nice natural looking lashes using the smaller opening top cap. OK, so far so good. But then, when I used the lower cap, I got goop. I ended up having to wipe the brush a lot, which I didn’t care for. I don’t mind giving any mascara brush a swipe with a tissue, in fact I recommend it to avoid clumps, but I was wiping off chunks of mascara and having to use multiple tissues with this one in order to avoid clumps. So, I am not a big fan. It was a great idea in theory, but unfortunately it wasn’t so great in practice, at least not for me.

For better MAC mascara, I suggest buying two: For the bigger, bolder lashes, try MAC Opulash, which has a nice thick brush that delivers both volume and length. No goop.

For nice daytime lashes try MAC Studio Fix, which has a rubberized brush for nicely defined lashes. Wipe it well for a really natural look. Wipe it just a little, or not at all,  for more length and drama.

Disclosure: This post was based on products given to me by a representative of the company. For more, please see the disclosure page.

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