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Prescriptives Magic Powder

Prescriptives is no longer in the stores, but it is still very much alive online.  One item of theirs that I had forgotten about, and used to adore, is Prescriptives Magic Liquid Powder.  Prescriptives Magic is an illuminating powder that reflects light to blur fine lines and imperfections. It also sets makeup pretty well and does not clog pores.

prescriptives magic powder

I use to swear by Prescriptives Magic and would sometimes rely on it with  just a bit of tinted moisturizer even though I have hyperpigmentation. I think over the years I forgot about it though since I get so many powders to try from blogging.   Then I rediscovered it and have been using it again quite a bit. Prescriptives also makes an Magic Lotion, but that one caused acne for me. The lotion is also currently sold out, but the powder is still available.

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