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Finishing the Dannon Activia Challenge

TakeActiviaTasteTest1 Over the past couple of weeks I have written on Dannon Activia as a healthy snack.  During that time, I also completed the Dannon Activia Fourteen Day Challenge.  Dannon offers the challenge so that you can buy their Activia yogurt, try it for two weeks, and seek a refund if you do not like it. Click the logo to the left to learn more.

I ended up being happy with Dannon as a snack and with the challenge, and I also found this easy and tasty yogurt snack recipe this week:

Layer the following in a parfait cup or drinking glass, repeating layers until full:

  • Dannon Activia Vanilla Yogurt
  • Fresh cut berries (strawberries and raspberries work particularly well).
  • More yogurt. You can mix it up and use a different flavor here if you want, such a raspberry.
  • Granola

That is it! it is super simple, yet amazingly tasty. I like it as a healthy dessert.  In the meantime, you also end up getting probiotic cultures to help maintain good digestive health, and a serving of dairy with some protein. Not a bad deal!

A few more snack ideas:

  • Mix yogurt with frozen berries
  • blend yogurt with a banana and some ice for a yogurt smoothie
  • Put vanilla yogurt on low fat pudding (or any dessert for that matter) instead of whipped cream
  • Split a banana and top with vanilla yogurt

Do you have any yogurt snack suggestions?

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