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Revlon Photo Ready Foundation and Powder

Revlon has entered the fray into high definition style makeup with Revlon Photo Ready Makeup and Revlon Photo Ready Powders. I bought one of each to review.

Revlon Photo Ready Foundation Revlon Photo Ready Foundation has a nice smooth consistency that provides medium coverage.  Although it is oil free, it feels rather moisturizing, and I felt that it was a bit too much moisture for my currently very oily skin. So I recommend it more for normal to dry skin types. Photochromatic pigments reflect light, and the makeup comes with SPF 20 protection. I got all day wear from it. It sits nicely on the skin and does remind me quite a bit of my favorite Make Up Forever High Definition Makeup (link is to previous review), in that gives the skin a very smooth appearance without looking too heavy, while also simply feeling pretty nice.  However, I will still take my Make Up Forever over it any day.

Revlon Photo Ready Finisher

Revlon Photo Ready Powder provides a nice finish for the Photo Ready Makeup. It provides illuminating pigments and a soft finish. As far as powders go I like it quite a bit. However in the drugstore brands Maybelline’s Dream Matte Powder has really stood out for me the most lately.  Revlon’s powder also recently came out in multiple shades, which provide a fair amount of extra cover. With those, I found that by combining the tinted powder with the liquid foundation, I could cover my areas of melasma pretty well and still get a somewhat natural/sheer look. That is always a fine line—achieving cover v. not getting overdone—so Revlon’s new tinted Photo Ready powders are particularly good for that.

Revlon is available at most drugstores and big box retailers. Links above are to drugstore.com, which also carries the line.

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