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Profane Grocery Wear to the Amish Nun: The Worst of Fashion Week

Fashion Week was this past week. You may have noticed many blogs covering items from the shows, providing face charts, and chatting about their trips to New York. Since I don’t really cover clothing much and prefer to spend my money on purchases of fashion items that are actually wearable rather than on expensive trips to see concepts, I did not attend Fashion Week. I suspect my feet also thank me for that since I’m pretty sure that attending Fashion Week involves some mandatory wearing of incredibly cute but torturously uncomfortable shoes, and I don’t do those very well.

In honor of not going to Fashion Week and in saving my feet, I decided to forgo the face charts and favorites this year and skip right to the weird, odd, and hideous. That stuff is much more interesting anyway isn’t it?

This is a shopping bag worn with tighty whities from the Jeremy Scott show. Oh the creativity! There was another version with profanity on it involving the letters f and u (or y if you prefer spelling over phonetics), but I have to keep the advertisers happy here so I couldn’t publish it.

I like prints. I even like yellow handbags, bright shoes, and green eye shadow. But not all at once. You can thank Zac Posen for this mishmash.

Here is a model taking a fall at Zac Posen. Falls happen, so that isn’t a biggie. What is interesting is that the fall has the fortunate effect of distracting from the odd combo of a frumpy dress over a an equally frumpy Tshirt and pants.

The Richie Rich Show is always good for some laughs. I really wanted to show a good bare butt shot here, but I fear that my advertisers would not like that.

Whoo hoo! Furry bikini bottoms for boys!

I believe these are spectators. At least they have clothes on.

Ellen DeGeneres sported a goofy mini hat on the runway. That was kind of a mean thing to do to her.

Yeah, I know that no one should take Richie Rich seriously. But it is still pretty darn ugly stuff. It must be possible to make fetish inspired club wear that actually looks good? OK, maybe not….Nevermind… Let’s move on to something serious and important. How about Project Runway and former dancing stars?

As much as I adore Project Runway, their show always has a few oddities. Aside from weird, those pants don’t appear to fit right and the model has a scrap of blue fabric stuck to her head. No wonder she looks sad. Kelly Osborne attended Fashion Week. She looked very fluffy.

This is some interesting frump at the Argentina Group show where the look is something akin to an Amish Nun. I guess it beats grocery bags with profanity though.

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